1.      Business: First and foremost, you must treat selling your home like a business.  You are selling your highest valued asset.  Do everything possible to eliminate the emotional aspect out of the equation., and understand that The Market dictates the price.

2.      Perfect Presentation: Before your home is listed, it should look and feel as if you were doing a photo shoot for Homes Beautiful. I cannot stress this enough.  It is a mistake to think you can sell your home the same way you live in it.  You have to have an understanding of how buyers think.  Fresh coat of paint, Kitchen and Bathroom counters cleared, beds made, toys and pets put out of site, excess furnishings put in storage, and most important….Toilet Lids Down!  Your Realtor should have no less than 15 Clear Professional photos taken.

3.      Bright: Open all blinds and shades for all showings. If your home does not get enough natural light, replace recessed bulbs with spot lights.  Buyers love light filled rooms, and spots shine a much brighter light.

4.      Inspect: Have a pre-inspection done.  Now is the time to find out if you have a mold problem or high radon levels.  This will help to prevent Back On the Market status in MLS.

5.      Buyer is Right: You must be willing to be inconvenienced at times.  Remember you have a lot of money at stake.  Potential buyers will want to see your home even at dinner time.  Allow it.

6.      Alone: Leave your home for all showings.  Buyers feel uneasy while you are there.  They feel as if they are intruding on your space, and will want to leave as quickly as possible.

7.      Wood Floors: If you are lucky enough to have hardwood floors under the carpet, get rid of the carpet, and show the hardwoods. Refinish if necessary.  You can’t even imagine how important wood floors are to today’s buyers.

8.      Update if Possible: Buyers cringe when they see Formica counters.  You should seriously think about upgrading with Granite.  Granite prices are way down, and it is more profitable to replace counters than to have to reduce price because feedback says “Your Home Needs Updating”.

9.      First Offer: Your first offer is usually going to be your best offer.  I know you’ve heard this before.  There actually is a reason for this.  Buyers will not lowball you in the first 2 weeks of being listed, but once you hit the 90-day mark and haven’t sold, be ready for the low offers to come in and just hope your Realtor is a good negotiator!

10.  See #1: Remember, selling your home is a business.  You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  It’s not rocket science.  The longer your home sits on the market, the lower your offers will be.  That is a fact.  That is why it is very important, that you and your Realtor do everything you can to sell within the first 30-40 days.   

Len Renaud
Len Renaud
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